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about M25 group


how it works

As a Group, we are essentially moving goods from one point to another. This is how it all started really, we thought it was going to be easy but no, world-moving dominance never is! So we got to work, evolved, tried and failed until we got here, to this understanding that first: we are good at what we do, second: clients love us so why not, third: to get such complex services to appear simple and easy to navigate and control we are going have to break them down and divide the services to allow clients to pick and choose based on their requirements. 


Community standards


We have outstanding safety precautions in place to protect your goods at home and whilst in transit. All team members have been thoroughly background check before employed and receive (and still do) ongoing training, attend specialist driving courses and of course, your goods are insured while in our care.


Our equipment is regularly cleaned and sanitized to the highest standards. All our team members wear masks and gloves and are fully trained in appropriate covid safety measures.


Our clients contract us to transport their household goods; it takes a lot of trust. And you should trust that your belongings are secure in our care. A significant part of our employees’ training is understanding this fact and respecting others’ property and information.

Fairness and investment in green energy

The Group prides itself on being fair in everything we do; all our employees are also partners. They are all on generous contracts; ‘zero-hours contract’ is not in our vocabulary. We are also fair to our clients; we have a constructive claim process- much more flexible and accommodating than that set by our competitors. We are also environmentally friendly; we invest a proportion of our income into green projects and only use reusable materials, among other things.

Being unresponsive

There is no such thing in the Group. All emails are responded to within minutes or possibly hours, but certainly not days. It’s quite a thing in the Group. In addition, we are in the process of building our own AI and together with our client portal getting answers to your questions will be immediate.



We have multiple partners with estate agents, cleaning companies and building contractors. However, these are formed on a case-by-case basis and we always welcome more! The vast majority of our clients are individuals who come to us through word of mouth; our reputation is everything. For more information about our partners and how to become one, please go to our partner page, fill up the contact form and we can take it from there.