What waste can you clear?

Well, basically anything and everything, as long as it’s not fluids, needs special treatment like asbestos or comes with one of those orange hazard signs. We’re game for everything else. Whether it’s inside or outside the home or office, in the basement, or upstairs we’re equipped to handle it all. It’s all in a days […]

What do you do?

Our team of experts arrive with their waste disposal truck at the appointed hour, ready to clear away the junk or rubbish that’s too big for the bin. After checking for possible hazards, the team will get to work clearing any waste we’ve been contracted to remove. We’ll load everything into the truck and clean […]

How do I order the right size clearance?

We know it can be difficult working out how much waste you have to remove. When you first contact us, all we need is a ball-park figure, so we know how big a truck to bring. You can send us a picture of the mess you need to be cleared, and that should give us […]

Why is clearance better?

After getting in contact with us, you don’t have to lift a finger to all your household or office rubbish removed. We come, we clear, we clean! In next to no time, our specialist clearance team will remove all the waste, and clean up the area afterwards. You won’t have an unsightly skip sitting around […]

Are you officially licensed?

Yes, we’re licensed by the Environmental Agency. It’s your guarantee of safe, professional and honest service. Our license number is CBDU331782.

Are you insured?

You bet we are! Our waste removal trucks and our teams are fully insured. The cover includes protection against any damage caused to a client’s property when clearing the premises.

Do I have to wait in the property?

Only if you want to! We will notify you by phone, text or email when the team arrives on-site if you’re not present. We’ll also message you once the job is completed. If we need keys to access the property, we can pick them up from a separate location and drop them back when the […]

What happens to my waste?

All of your waste is disposed of responsibly. If any can be recycled, we will ensure that it is done meeting government guidelines. We will make sure as little goes to landfill as possible.